Pregnancy Weight Loss

Weight loss after 5th child

Chelsea Hann

I recently worked with Maryann to improve my diet and that of my family's.  I was feeling a bit sad about how big I was after having my 5th kid.  After having my daughter, and the initial weight loss, I started gaining again.  I was sad to be the biggest I'd ever been.  I was eating crap food and I knew it.  I was feeding my kids crap food.  I became increasingly preoccupied with wanting to be the little super old lady that still hiked and did yoga and felt great.  I was not on the right path to her.
I made a choice to do a complete turn around instead of trying to take baby steps.  I wanted results fast.  With Maryann's guidance I got started on the whole 30 challenge.  That diet was all my choice because its an all or nothing program.  You eliminate the bad things, no cheating.  I needed that.  Maryann's constant presence was key to me sticking to it.  Having someone who could hand out the tough love if I needed was key.  She helped me work through some difficult detox and withdrawal crud on day 3.  She was there when I started to feel fewer cravings.  She taught me many things about metabolism, and sugar, and carbs that really helped me see why "healthy" really wasn't healthy.  I still had to do all the work, like meal planning, and shopping and cooking, which I really dislike.  However, Maryann's counsel was invaluable though because I not only learned what to do and why, but I had a friend I could bother any second of the day with any random diet related thought.
In the "end" (which isn't ever really the end is it?), I'm happy.  I'm happy I don't feed the kids crap boxed meals while I scrounge for anything easy.  I'm happy I fit into the pants in my closet.  I'm happy I can see progress.  I'm happy I don't crave my biggest weaknesses anymore.  I need to get into yoga now so I can be the old lady that does yoga haha!  Having Maryann at the other end of the phone as I made important changes is what made me successful.

Pregnancy Weight Loss February 3, 2017