Diabetes Without Medication

Diabetes without medicine

Lillian Stevens

When I was growing up, the low fat craze was all the rage. I ate whatever I wanted and was a sugar addict. No joke. When I needed a good jolt for a busy day, it was not unusual for me to have a piece of chocolate cake with a can of Coca Cola. Maryann told me about this crazy Ketogenic way of eating for health and weight loss, and I balked inwardly. It went against all recommendations I had ever heard and sounded like baloney.
Fast forward 4 years. I was diagnosed with diabetes with an a1c of 6.8 (165). I knew nothing about diabetes but looked online to find info to help me learn and understand in laymen’s terms what I needed to do. I like a good challenge, so I jumped on board the ketogenic way of eating with the goal of controlling my diabetes and the desire to never have to go on any meds or insulin. Maryann was right! Within a very short time I was able to bring my A1C down to 5.4 and I am not on any meds.  I’ve had some other wonderful side effects of simply eating real foods and it’s nearly miraculous! I lost 45 pounds without exercising. While once I was plagued with bronchitis every year, I haven’t had one case in the past 4 years since changing my way of eating. My acid reflux is gone. I never would have believed that what we eat has a PROFOUND effect on our immune system. I’d recommend this way of eating to anyone. It’s been a life changing experience.

Diabetes February 3, 2017