Fibromyalgia Pain Gone

pain free

Catherine Wawak

I have to start out by saying I had no clue how to change my diet. However, since getting in touch with Maryann, I have learned a whole new way of living. I went from being in pain every day with fibromyalgia, along with seizures and several other health issues and taking medications to not taking any of that crap. Can we say thank you! I am now without pain, losing weight and just over all feeling better. It’s amazing how much of what you put in your body effects how you feel, how much pain you could be in just by eating the wrong foods. I had no clue that some of the foods I love were causing things in my body to hurt and become inflamed.
When I first learned about this change in diet I was in disbelief, because growing up you were told to eat certain foods and that they are good for you. When your doctor prescribes a prescription for an illnesses or pain you trust what they tell you and just do it. Well that’s not the case. You really have to know what you’re putting into your mouth that will later affect how you feel or how much pain you will be in. I was blown away by the results I am having. It’s amazing to know a little education and some effort goes a long way. If I had never tried it, I would still be in pain and still asking my doctor why?
Working with Maryann has helped me in many ways and I cannot thank her enough. Knowing that I can just go to the store instead of the doctor is a blessing, and it’s much more fun! I am so grateful to know I am in control of how I feel, and not from a drug, but because of a wonderful eating plan. It changed my life and how I feel every day. I would be lost without knowing what is good and healthy and not so good for my body.
I won't go back to the foods I was eating even though I do miss them, but it’s a choice I know I’m making for myself to not live in pain. I would recommend that everyone to learn how to change your way of eating, even if you’re perfectly healthy. You wind up saving yourself from a lot of pain and suffering, not to mention countless trips to a doctor or doctors in my case. If you haven’t tried it then you should. You have so much to gain for your own benefit. Please try it and ask questions. You would be surprised what little it really takes to make a huge difference. Yes, it does require some effort but, it’s 100% worth it.

Fibromyalgia January 25, 2017